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"The Coal Canal Way"

A Walker's Guide

A series of linkedwalks along the Northern Branch of the Somersetshire Coal Canal with maps and descriptions.


More information and a free download

"An Educational Guide

to the

History, Geography, Engineering and Arch•ology

of the

Somersetshire Coal Canal"

Free download

"The Somersetshire Coal Canal
A Pictorial Journey"

Roger Halse & Simon Castens (Millstream Books) ISBN: 0-9489-755-8X

A pictorial record of the canal, including rare photgraphs taken during its working life.
Out of print but may be available from some second-hand book shops.

"The Somersetshire Coal Canal
A Second Pictorial Journey"

Roger Halse (Millstream Books) ISBN: 978 0 948975 93 6

Available from the Titfield Thunderbolt Bookshop, Upper Lambridge Place, Bath and from the Oldfield Park Bookshop, Moorland Road, Bath; or directly from the author Roger Halse

Price £7.50 (inc P&P)

 A donation will be made to the Somersetshire Coal Canal Society for each sale made through the Society

"The Somersetshire Coal Canal Rediscovered"

Niall Allsop (Millstream Books) ISBN: 0948975350

A walkers guide with maps.
Out of print but available from second-hand book shops.

 "The Somersetshire Coal Canal and Railways"

Kenneth R. Clew (Brans Head)

The history of the canal from its planning and construction, through its working life and the subsequent building of the railways.
Out of print but available from second-hand book shops.

The "Memoirs of William Smith, LL.D."
author of the Map of the strata of England and Wales

by his nephew and pupil, John Phillips FRS FGS.

Limited edition reprinted by the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution from its original copy presented by the author.

Available from the B.R.L.S.I.

The Radstock Branch of the Somersetshire Coal Canal

by Chris Handley and Roger Halse

A history of the Radstock Branch of the SCC and the later tramway (Illustrations & 5 maps ). Published by the Radstock, Misdomer Norton & District Museum Society.

Now out of print

"Archive" Issue 26
The Quarterly Journal for British Industrial and Transport History

Includes 22-page article by Roger Halse on the SCCS with 30 historical photographs.

Available from Black Dwarf Lightmoor

Innovation and Discovery
Bath and the Rise of Science

Featuring the Herschels, William. Smith, Brunel, Priestley, Adelard, Parry, Jenyns, Horstmann, Fox Talbot, and many more.

Not directly about the SCC, but interesting background material.

Available from the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution







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